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Episode Summary

Lisa Adams is an Amazon best-selling author, Life Coach, and speaker. She became a caregiver to her husband Mike who was injured and diagnosed with PTSD after his second deployment in 2006. After almost a decade as a caregiver, Lisa realized she needed support in the caregiver role. She participated in a peer support group program for military spouses and that led her to become a certified life coach where she specializes in helping other caregivers like her. She believes that a caregiver should never feel alone. She focuses on starting where the caregiver is and compassionately building their resilience, confidence as they move from barely surviving to thriving.

Episode Notes

Lisa Adams talks with Stacey about her work as an advocate and support system for caregivers.

Key Takeaways:

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Website: heart.support

Facebook: Lisa Adams Coaching

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Email: Lisa@heart.support