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Transformational Grief

Episode Summary

Nancy Gordon joins us to talk about her service dog Toaster. Toaster was a Xolo, which is a hairless dog with a long history of healing humans in Ancient Aztec culture. This opens the conversation up to what happens to our beloved pets after we pass away. Nancy and Stacey talk about assisting pets through their grief and leaving them with a plan in place that ensures their wellbeing.

Episode Notes

In this episode, Nancy Gordon talks about her Xolo dog named Toaster. Xolo’s are hairless dogs with a history of healing humans dating back 3500 years ago in Ancient Aztec culture. Toaster acted as a service animal, assisting Nancy in relieving her chronic pain.

Nancy and Stacey discuss the love and bond that can exist between pets and their owners and how to navigate their grief when they experience the loss of their owner. They also discuss several options you may have to put a plan in place for what will happen to your pet if something should happen to you.

Key takeaways:

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